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    "Good men drink good beer" - Hunter S. Thompson
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Browariat - Craft Beer Zone

Beer is more than just an alcoholic drink, it is also a way of life, a way of expressing oneself in taste. There is not just one single beer that fits all, but a huge variety of different brews and only few of those match your personal preferences and quench your thirst in the most pleasent way.

Supporting you in finding that one special taste, Browariat has brought some of europe's finest beers to Katowice.

Starting with the bavarian breweries of CAMBA and SCHÖNRAMER, Meantime Brewery from London and the dutch JOPEN Brewery, we offer you over eighty of the finest, award winning Craft Beers.

Among them are:

  • IPAs
  • Stouts
  • Weißbier
  • Porters
  • Ales
  • Pilsner
  • Märzen
  • Dark Beers
  • (Black) Lager

So step inside Browariat and enjoy the richness of high class crafted flavour!